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9 Steps for an #InstaPerfect Feed

Such good advice in here guys. Don't h8 me.

Do you ever look at someone’s Instagram & you’re like damn, how do they do it? The aesthetic of the feed is 100% perfect, they have the coolest most perfect freaking photos, they have millions of followers & every other post is #spons??

I’m no expert, but I’ve put together a little guide for all of us to use in creating our #instaperf feed. #Follow4Follow anyone?

1. Make sure your feed has a color palette of like max 3 colors for ~aesthetic~. Bonus points if you can escape the traditional #lifestyle grammer’s black, white & grey tones.


2. Every few photos post a minimalist inspirational quote. Something like “Live laugh love” but a little more unique because YOU KNOW what people think about live laugh lovers.

3. Get a really freaking cute dog (IMPORTANT: HE MUST FIT YOUR AESTHETIC). Post a photo of him once every 5 photos or so, cause dogs=engagement AF. If he really hits it off, start an IG specifically for him and tag him in your photos.

giphy (6).gif

4. Make hundreds of thousands of dollars doing lord-knows-what from your perfect at-home job so you can afford pretty stuff to #gram. This is essential.

giphy (5).gif

5. Go to a fancy expensive brunch and stand on top of your chair to get that gr8 brunch shot. Don’t worry about the h8ers who look at you weird for capturing 80 million photos of your avocado toast…THIS LIFE IS HARD OK?


6. Take a ton of ~candid~ photos on the beach that look like the paps have caught you (but maybe just bring along a photographer friend in case the paps don’t show up).

7. Take frequent vacations to the most grammable locations. Think Cinque Terre (too cliche yet?), British Virgin Islands, etc.

giphy (3).gif

8. Be sure to grab invites to those yacht parties your friends often through and take a photo or even two or three if you want to post a trendy Instagram carousel.

giphy (4).gif

9. Make sure you have a semi unique name so that when people reach out to sponsor you, your name easily works as a unique code.

Once you get #spons’d by that one tea that all of the Bachelor girls use, CONGRATS! You’ve officially made it as a lifestyle grammer.

Let me know if these steps work for you!! And whatever you do don’t look at my feed for inspo because it’s ugly AF.



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