Memories from my 90s Childhood #NostalgiaTime

Easily the best decade of All Time.

Hi everyone,

It’s time for a little nostalgia play today. I’m sure a few of you are pretty familiar with the 90s decade…let me know if these bring up any memories or if you have a favorite 90s-related throwback!

1. Lisa Frank: Do you remember getting Lisa Frank stickers, notebooks, and other goodies in literally every stocking & every gift from your grandparents? I know I do. My childhood was filled with colorful neon unicorn stickers and crazy gel pens. I had entire TUBS full of the stickers alone. And did you know that she’s still around? Check out her (very) active Facebook to relive it all!!

giphy (11).gif

2. Furbies: Every 90s list HAS to include some mention of the Furby. I had at least two of them. One of those little devils suffered from extreme water damage and refused to STFU. One day it just disappeared…I’m sure my parents had something to do with that. The other thing had to go in the closet every night. Sometimes, it would wake me up in the middle of the night with it’s singing for no reason. Possessed little sh*t. Yet I still worshipped them for whatever reason, as did my friends.

giphy (8).gif

3. “Light as a feather, stiff as a board…”: So if you didn’t already think I had devilish influences in my life, do you ever remember playing this game with your friends? Where you’d have someone lay on the ground, and you all would put two fingers under them, and then you’d be able to lift them up as you chanted, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board…I think she’s dead….I know she’s dead…” etc. Or is this just me with my weird friends? Still don’t know how we were able to do this.

4. Easy Bake Oven: Remember this??? The thing that would magically cook your tiny tub of batter with a lightbulb and only took four hours to do so? Dessert never tasted so good! I think  these were the actual highlight of my childhood. I legitimately thought I was going to be the next Gordon Ramsay with this.

giphy (9).gif

5. Powerpuff Girls: Powerpuff Girls was my EVERYTHING. This was my Power Rangers. I was Bubbles. Just sayin. That was the one thing I would NOT let my friends take away from me.

giphy (7).gif

6. Club Penguin: OK yeah this is probably from the early 2000s, but I remember saying my first curse word on this site and getting banned. One time I even Googled my penguin’s name and found a thread about how my penguin was the meanest one on the site. Haha, suckersssss. This site was definitely a  huge part of my youth development. Gosh, Club Penguin was everything. I heard that a group of brave penguins was actually able to tip the iceberg recently. May those heroes RIP, along with the entire website. I’ll never forget you.

giphy (10).gif

7. This site was the DOPEST thing on the web when dial-up was still a thing. I would literally sit at my computer for 20 mins on average waiting for it to load, and boy was it always worth it. I KILLED at Cadet Kelley. Anyone else relate here???

(Ok I just looked up that movie and it’s from 2002 but I went on in at least December of 1999 ok?)

source (1).gif

Thanks for indulging my nostalgia here. All you 80s/2000s kids can GTFO! Kidding…but we have the best decade though for real.

For more great 90s memories, check out this article: 


2 comments on “Memories from my 90s Childhood #NostalgiaTime

  1. I legit only just missed the 90s (2000 baby here) but I had a furby? Am I cool now? And I breathed Disney Channel – I WAS Lizzie.
    Lol sorry to be commenting on technical an “old” post but your blog gives me strength and I’ve had a binge. LEGIT I’m hooked. 😀


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