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"What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and still has no explanation?"

Hi all,

At one point in my life, I had a top post on Reddit. Definitely was when I peaked. LMK if you need proof or whatever.

ANYWAY, in that post, I asked people, “What is the scariest thing that has ever happened to you and still has no explanation?”

Here are my favorite responses. (Cue Law & Order DUN DUN)

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When the pots and pans hit the floor | user/oddietacoI was in college, living in an apartment next to my best friend. He came over to watch a horror movie. I wish I could remember which one. Deep into the movie, a ghost appeared in a scene and caused pots and pans to crash. The characters were terrified. Not two seconds later, all of my pots and pans fell off my fridge and crashed on the floor. My friend and I turned on the lights, stopped the movie, picked up the pots, and never talked about this night again.

The FLYING FISH | user/oglachThis happened to me. I live in Alaska, and about 2 years ago I was driving into the Yukon. I’d been driving a few hours and was pretty far up the pass, very high elevations, snowing, and easily over 100 miles from the nearest body of water or unfrozen river. And then I hit a fish. I kid you not. A fairly large fish dropped out of the sky and literally exploded all over the front of my Jeep. I just pulled over and sat there for a while trying to rationalize what had happened. Later on someone pointed out that it could have been an Eagle that dropped a fish it caught and I just happened to be a victim. But I still think disgruntled Yeti/Canadian.

The Unidentified Sobbing Woman | user/stopitshelly: I had A friend in highschool that I hung out with everyday because our parents worked and either of us had anything better to do. a couple times when we were home alone I would hear this uncontrollable sobbing of a woman when she was in the next room. It would get louder the longer I listened and each time I remember running to her wherever she was in her house and asking her what was wrong but she would just look at me like I was crazy.

The Unidentified TURD | user/Iamjus10A man (or perhaps a women) broke into my house in the night. Stole 2 bananas, and pooped on my kitchen floor… Edit: After reading the reply’s.. It just got scarier. I NOW realize he/she/it never wiped

The Sighting | user/[deleted]: Was watching Sightings back in the 90s with my cousin late one night, walked outside for a smoke with a maglite. I was in boyscouts and knew morse code and flashed an SOS at the sky with the light. Bright light appeared overhead, just sat there, flew about 1/4 the way to the horizon, stopped on a dime for about 10 sec and just disappeared. UFO responding to distress signals? I think I used up my 1 and only get out of a shitty situation by aliens card.

A Message from the Beyond | user/teacherncThis was more cool/creepy than terrifying. My dad died when I was 16 and my brother was 3. My brother was not writing yet, but he did draw with crayons. One day he drew on the wall and it looked EXACTLY like my dad’s name in cursive. I wish I had taken a picture, but we were all too creeped out. We did take it as a nice message from “the beyond.”

The Green Light | user/madelynski: I was camping in the mountains near San Diego with ten or so people. We were hanging out around the camp fire looking for shooting stars, and all of the sudden, my friend directed our attention to a green line in the sky. It was moving back and fourth between three stars as if tracing a line. We ran back to our tents, peering out every so often to see if the green line was still there. And it was. We all fell asleep pretty shaken up. We still have no idea what it was.

The Jacuzzi Buddy | user/SourCreamWaterIt was about 2 am and I couldn’t sleep, so I went down to the jacuzzi in my apartment complex. The jets weren’t on and it was incredibly still and silent. I was zoning out and just looking down through the water. All of a sudden, the water ripples started…forming something. Couldn’t tell what, so I focused. Now I see 2 shadows move across the bottom that look like feet scoot and stop next to me. Then the shadow of an ass sits right next to me. I know it sounds silly the way I described it, but the goosebumps and sense of dread was INTENSE. I literally jumped out and ran home as fast as I could. Left my towel there. Ugh, writing about it still freaks me out.


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Get someone to tuck you in tonight…Maddie


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