The Craziest Unsolved Mysteries

Aliens, Yeti, and murders...oh my!

Outside of blogging (gotta cater to my audience here :p), some of my favorite things to do in my free time are watch videos, listen to podcasts, and Google various unsolved mysteries. I know, I’m a freak. But I’ve learned that a lot of people are actually intrigued by this topic. So, here are some of the craziest unsolved mysteries I’ve heard of, complete with some links if you want to research more about them.

Prepare to get ~spooooked~

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1. Barney and Betty Hill (It was aliens!!!): This rural-dwelling couple was doing everything they could to live a quiet, normal life. One thing that was holding them back from this was the fact that they were a biracial couple, which was unfortunately stigmatized in their time. The other thing? They claim to have been abducted by aliens. One night, when they were driving back from a nice, relaxing vacation to Niagara Falls, they saw a bizarre light in the sky growing bigger and bigger. The next thing they remember is regaining consciousness 35 miles south. At first, they really didn’t want to talk about whatever happened to them. But then they agreed to undergo hypnotherapy, and that’s when they started recollecting their experience with extraterrestrials. In addition to military personnel confirming an unidentified blip on their radar that night, the biggest piece of evidence in this case is that Betty described a star map that one of the ETs showed her in incredible detail. It wasn’t until about a few decades ago that the exact star system she described was actually DISCOVERED and CONFIRMED by scientists. FREAKING INSANE. This gets me as close to being a believer as possible guys. Read more about it.

(Something else that really convinces me here is that Barney and Betty REFUSED to talk about their experiences until they were basically forced into hypnotherapy. They were so in shock from it all and really just wanted to forget about it. And after, their poor lives were never the same. They were harrassed by the public and Barney eventually experienced an anyeursm and died. They obviously were aware of the potential hype and did not want to deal with it, but were ultimately forced to come to terms with it, publicly. Gosh this story hurts. Last Podcast on the Left feels the same way…I highly encourage you to check out their podcasts on this subject.)

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2. Dylatov Pass: Something happened to a group of 9 hikers one night in 1959 in a rural, mountainous area of Russia. But no one knows exactly what. What we do know was that something made them run out from their tents, dressed inappropriately for the cold weather, and that their lives ended shortly after. A few were discovered with severe physical trauma…one with a missing tongue and one with brain damage without injury to the actual skull. Very curious….There are a few theories out there. One of course is aliens. Another is a crazy Yeti monster. Perhaps a more practical explanation is an avalanche…but we may never know.

3. Max Headroom: Someone hijacked the TV airways one day in 1987 in Chicago, but no one knows who. Basically, over the course of three hours, a creep interrupted a TV broadcast and imitated the popular TV show Max Headroom, thus giving the incident its very clever name. Check out the video of this incident…it’s pretty disturbing. What makes this so crazy is that no one ever tracked down who did this!! There are some pretty good theories on Reddit, though, if you’re interested…with one person revealing that they might know who actually accomplished the feat.

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4. D.B. Cooper: In 1971, a man referred to as D.B. Cooper (not his real name) demanded a buttload of dough from a flight attendant, saying he would destroy the plane if the crew didn’t hand it over. The pilots landed the plane, got him the money, and released the passengers…and then D.B. requested that the pilots fly the plane low over a particular area. At some point, he jumped out of the plane with the cash and he was never found. There are a few theories as to who he was, but nothing has ever been confirmed. Some of the cash actually turned up at one point, but that’s about the biggest lead there has ever been in this case.

5. The Zodiac Killer: You’ve probably heard of this one since it’s so embedded in pop culture, but basically, someone went on a giant killing spree (claiming to have killed ~37 people) in California in the 60s/70s and to this day, NO ONE knows who it was. Basically, this guy LOVED to play up his murders by sending letters an cryptograms to local news outlets. Only ONE has been solved, and people still try and crowdsource answers to this day (check it out, let us know if you have any leads k?). There are a bunch of theories about his identity, but nothing has ever been confirmed….

6. Tamam Shud: An unidentified man was found dead on a beach in Australia. No one knows who he is or how he died. The only real clue we have is a piece of paper torn from a book found in his pocket that said, Tamam Shud, meaning ‘Finished’ in Persian. *Shudder*

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7. My own personal story: One time I was in Scotland about to go into a Whiskey Bar. Before my group of friends and I entered, we encountered this plump Dumbledore-looking fellow with long, silvery hair, who began to talk to us. He first spoke with us about the USA, then we began talking about the upcoming Scottish Independence vote. Seemed like a normal dude, besides his appearance. AND THEN HE TOLD US HE WAS FROM THE YEAR 2400. WTF?? He began describing the future, saying that A) Scots would eventually vote to become independent and B) all hell was going to break loose in the US and all this stuff. I mean, yeah, anyone could easily predict either of these things, and even though A hasn’t happened yet, I can almost assure you that it will. I don’t yet believe in time travel but it was still an…interesting experience.

If you like unsolved mysteries as much as I do, I recommend also checking out this article: 

Sleep well tonight…Maddie


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