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#WednesdayWisdom: The Top Shows on TV Right Now (IMO)

A dose of #WednesdayWisdom from yours truly. My eight fave shows on air right now.

So, you guys don’t know me super well yet, but I’ll let you in on something about myself: one of my favorite things to do is discover new TV shows. Wow, groundbreaking stuff here.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no huge couch potato or anything, but from time to time, I will spend a few hours binge watching a new TV show.

I’ve started compiling a list of my favorite TV shows currently on air. Check it out, let me know if I’m missing any of your favorites. There’s nothing I love more when I get home from work than finding a new show to watch.

1. Better Call Saul (AMC): If you’re a Breaking Bad fan, you NEED TO WATCH THIS. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. (If you’re not a Breaking Bad fan, it’s probably because you haven’t seen Breaking Bad, which I HIGHLY recommend you try. Best show of all time. And then watch this show.) It’s a prequel to the Breaking Bad story that takes place a few years before Heisenberg and follows Lawyer Saul Goodman’s demise into practicing shady AF law. This is the most well-done prequel you could ever imagine – it somehow manages to integrate some of the best storytelling aspects of Breaking Bad while remaining fresh.

source (3).gif

2. Game of Thrones (HBO): This show is what got me into TV. I wasn’t a huge television watcher before I discovered Game of Thrones. Took me down this dark, dark path of TV fandom, let me tell you. Granted, I can probably name one character out of the literal thousands that have been introduced…ok actually let me try…Tyrion, Khaleesi, Karl (?) Drago, Cersei, Joffrey, uhhh that brother dude of Joffrey…I’m REALLY BAD WITH NAMES OK? But anyway. The storyline is incredibly enticing, effing EVERYONE dies and you NEVER see it coming (this isn’t even deserving of a spoiler alert sorry), and it’s basically just super unique and awesome and AH you have to watch if you don’t.

3. Mr. Robot (USA): Rami Malek is SO FREAKING good in this show. I think he’s probs my favorite actor. Like ever. I cannot stress this enough. So freaking good. He plays a mentally unstable computer hacker with some major daddy issues. That’s about all I can say without spoiling things. You gotta pay close attention to this show, be warned, but the reveals are beyond worth it.

giphy (22).gif

4. Big Little Lies (HBO): I’ve explained my love for this show in an entire article solely dedicated to the subject. Check it. (And the title still holds even in the context of this article because it’s the only of the top 4 like actually in season RN #sorrynotsorry).

5. Stranger Things (Netflix): You’ve probably heard the buzz surrounding Stranger Things, you know, the show with the adorable kids who have been all over Late Night TV? I absolutely love pop culture content that visualizes things like quantum & string theories/different dimensions and all that jazz, which I find super fascinating even though I can’t fully wrap my mind around it. And this does it in a very digestible way, while also being super captivating and intriguing. Even though I may seem like a member of some sort of fringe or niche audience, this show has a very wide appeal and I can’t recommend it enough.

giphy (21).gif

6. The Walking Dead (AMC): This is my new EVERYTHING. This show is incredibly captivating, albeit emotionally draining. If you get it confused with American Horror Story like I used to – which you probably don’t but I’m just trying to be relatable and failing – then listen to the following. This story is about ZOMBIES ok? Only zombies. There’s a zombie apocalypse that this police office father dude wakes up to after being in a coma for a few months. He has no idea what’s happened and has no idea where his family is. But then he meets some non-Walkers (Zombies) and the story takes off from there. I’m only on Season 2, Episode 1 so plz #nospoilers 🙂

7. Big Brother: I’m actually a member of the fandom for this show. I get so invested in peoples’ personalities and yes, I do the live feeds. Not sure I can convince many people to start this show but I had to put it on here because I’m a dedicated and unembarrassed fan.

8. The Bachelor/Bachelorette Franchise: I’m sorry I can be basic AF but I had to include this on here. This entire franchise is probably the most entertaining thing ever to be on TV (except for when those 3 hour episodes get too ~real). The people who go on this show come off it with hundreds of thousands in social media #spons alone and I cannot look away from their freaking Instafeeds. I’m not really going to describe it more because it’s the most self-explanatory thing on the planet but dudes…listen to your GFs and give this one a shot. You won’t go back.

source (2).gif

Let me know what you think of my list here, friends.

I’ll BRB…gonna go watch some more Walking Dead….Maddie


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