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Facebook & Instagram – Best Practices as of Spring 2017

Looking to increase your social reach? Read on!

Hi all.

This post may be a little boring to those who read my blog for the typical lifestyle stuff I write about, so, apologies. If you have no interest in social media best practices, you do not have to read on; no worries, I will not be offended.

But if you understand what reach and engagement are, and you are interested in optimizing your social strategy, I highly encourage you to consider these learnings.

I’ve been using Facebook (and Instagram, bucketing them together since FB owns IG) professionally for over a year now.

I’ve been through times in which Facebook decides to alter their algorithms, completely messing up those strategies I had implemented after testing on testing on testing.

I’d like to share with you some of the best practices I have been using as of Spring 2017. Hopefully these will be helpful – please feel free to share your own methods in the comments!

  1. When it comes to copy, brevity is best.
    • Facebook totally docks me on organic reach if I give a long, drawn out CTA that comes off super-salesy. You can still include links and CTA, but just know that usually, the shorter, the better. And, keep it RELEVANT….
  2. Relevancy is KEY.
    • Facebook wants to serve audiences content that they will enjoy so people remain engaged with the platform. It’s important to stay true to your brand and demo. They care about relevance so much that they assign posts a ‘relevancy score.’
    • When we cross-promote content across our pages, we’ve found that our reach is severely impacted, because that content usually isn’t super relevant to the audience. Something to keep in mind if people are trying to get you to promote their content on your page. Keep any promos as relevant as you can to your demo and brand.
    • You also want to post things that people want to share to boost your reach.
  3. Video is all-important now.
    • Facebook LOVES video. Audiences have been consuming video more and more, and Facebook is aware of that. Facebook tends to reward video content.
    • If you also want to post video onto your IG channels, go for it. Just be sure to keep it down to 60 secs or less.
  4. In terms of specs, keep things square (or vertical for FB only).
    • You want to fill someone’s screen up, and since most people are viewing FB on their phone now, square/vertical specs are the way to go.
    • When you post a rectangular video, people have to turn their phone horizontally to view it easily.
    • If you’re posting onto IG too, though, you may want to keep your posts square. The platform has yet to adapt to vertical video.
  5. If you have budget, try boosting your posts with a small spend.
    • We’ve been able to increase our organic reach alone with small paid spends (~$10-20/post). Paid reach increases organic reach because when your post is served to more people, people are likely to share/engage with your posts, which causes the post to appear in other’s newsfeeds.

Those are some tips for now – I’ll try and follow up with more next quarter!

What are your social media best practices?


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