What a difference a day makes.

Guys, I had my first day at a new job today and I want to cry.


I had my first day at a new job today and I want to cry.

Not from hating it, but from LOVING it.

I feel like so many of my concerns from yesterday have been alleviated after a mere 9 hours.

For one, the office space is fantastic. They gave me a standing desk, a laptop, and a giant monitor. At my old job, those small luxuries were only for higher ups, so I already feel pretty cool.

The people are also so genuine and nice and I can tell truly just want to do their best job. I obviously don’t yet have a read on office politics, but people just seem to be happy. They’re doing something right in their hiring processes.

AND they basically gave me the full day to read onboarding materials. AND my new boss took me out to lunch.

Employers…it’s these little things that lead to retention. These little things show that you care about your employees from DAY ONE. Treat individuals like they are wanted. Yes, they need to express that they want you too, but if you don’t demonstrate that you care about them, they won’t give you their all. As you’ve heard, first impressions are everything. Implementing is a whole other ball game, and I feel very fortunate to see and experience a great plan in action.

Oh and they have free breakfast every Monday and Friday. SOLD!

This is what I needed. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Talk soon! M


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