How To

How to Adult

You are young. You are learning. It's ok to question. It's ok to exude confidence and be proven wrong.


You might be looking at the title of this and are thinking to yourself, what does this 20-something who is referencing being an adult as if it were an activity know?

I of course don’t know a ton. I’m learning. But that’s one of my points. We are all constantly learning.

So, here are some things I’ve learned in my less than a decade of ‘adulting.’ Enjoy.

  1. Getting a job is hard. For a lot of the entry level roles at top companies, you will be expected to have experience. It seems counterintuitive. But there are some things you can do, both pre-graduation and even post-graduation. I’d start off by interning. This will help you get some experience onto your resume as well as give you a taste of the working world. If you can’t get a job, market yourself online. Blog. Tweet. Show what you know so if your potential employer googles you, there’s already content out there to back yourself up. If you’ve already graduated, it’s time to network! Get that free month of LinkedIn Premium, email recruiters, and talk to friends who have connections where you’re trying to get an in.
  2. Things are gonna change. Friends are going to move away. You’re going to keep in touch with some, lose touch with others. You’re going to meet new people. Your tastes are going to change. Be open to this change. It’s exciting.
  3. It’s ok to not know. You aren’t expected to be an expert. You are young. You are learning. It’s ok to question. It’s ok to exude confidence and be proven wrong. You just need to be open to learning.
  4. You think about what other people are thinking too much. You can never truly know what someone is thinking, so it’s a total waste of time to worry about it.
  5. Save money. Save what you can and your future self will thank you. Use budgeting services like Mint to help you out. But don’t be the person who is characterized by their stinginess. This is the time of your life.
  6. You’re constantly learning. I’ve already touched on this a little. Yeah, you’re out of school now and in the “real world,” but guess what? The real world is another sort of school. Find what you’re passionate about. Become an expert in it. Teach others. Spread your wealth. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings.
  7. Save time for yourself. Don’t be a workaholic. Spend time on you; take care of yourself. Whether that be a spa day every once in awhile or finding a quiet place to read a book, be kind to yourself. Do what makes you happiest.
  8. Be kind to others. Ah, the golden rule from preschool. You’d be surprised how many people you might encounter out there who are plain rude to strangers. Maybe they’re having a bad day, we don’t want to generalize here. But make an effort to hold that door open, to say thank you to your grocer, to love your friends and family. That’s really the meaning of life now, isn’t it? We all need to take care of each other and have each other’s backs – we’re all each other has in this world after all.

What are some lessons you’d add to my list?

Have a good Sunday everyone!


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