Big Brother Anyone? #BB19

Kevin. You're our hero.


Do I have any Big Brother fans out there reading my blog?


If you don’t watch, I highly recommend picking a season (don’t do 15 – racist – or 16 – Frankie. Effing. Grande.), watching it through, and then coming back here because you’ll be hooked and will be itching to engage in conversation about the show.

So you’re familiar with it now, yes?

I’d like to provide an evaluation of the show thus far.

FAVE: Kevin Schlehuber is our everything. Our hero. Kevin is the perfect balance of clueless and brilliant. Clueless in that he’s the oldest houseguest so there is a fantastic juxtaposition with the rest of the houseguests that he embraces. BRILLIANT in that HE’S LYING OUT HIS BUTT and EVERYONE BELIEVES HIM BECAUSE THEY THINK HE’S CLUELESS. His age, hilarity, and character are working in his favor. I effing LOVE KEVIN. Sorry for the all caps. He’s just the most entertaining houseguest in a very long time and he is everything we needed. Kevin, here’s to you making it all the way to the end.

THE WORST: PAUL something or other. GTFO Paul. You know you’re good. STFU. YOU BOTHER ME. Sorry guys. He’s really getting on my nerves. His smug AF diary room sessions, his puppeteering….The entire game has been rigged in his favor thus far. Obviously someone was going to accept the first Temptation. Production, you knew that. You provided the third largest prize ever granted on the show and all you had to do to get it was press a button first? And then the punishment was a vet’s return? And then you grant Paul the first Temptation of THREE WEEKS of protection because you know America will choose him because he’s all they know at this point? UGH.


Unless people start turning against Paul, this show’s gonna get REAL boring, REAL fast. Best possible scenario? Cody, the “I just don’t like you so I’m putting you on the block,” crazed-eyed Cody, is our angel in disguise.

Let us pray that tomorrow’s Battle Back is some sort of physical competition in which Cody will have a leg up against Dominique, Cameron (ha sorry dude), and uh some other people I’m forgetting?

Then, Cody will come back, lead a brand-new alliance, and turn the house against freaking PAUL (UGH). Please, please, PLEASE get Paul out of the house Cody. You’re our only hope. Everyone is giving into this puppet master and it’s making for a lame season.

What do you guys think of BB19 so far?

Also, here’s a more in-depth eval as to why Kevin (😍) is playing a great game: KEVIN


Did I mention I’m a fan of Kevin?

More evals coming.



2 comments on “Big Brother Anyone? #BB19

  1. I feel the same about Paul !! My fav is Jessica. So yes Cody and Jess need to take Paul out !!


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